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Chairman’s Statement

There is a story I want to share with you!

Thirty years ago, a young physician left his hometown with his dreams and his loved ones and went to Shenzhen, a strange and competitive city, to start his new long, challenging and hopeful life. He spent seven years creating a plastic surgery department in a state-run hospital, but when everything was progressing steadily, he left the familiar and comfortable environment to create his own business.

Over the next 16 years, the young physician started his business five times: he has suffered pain, loss, and helplessness; he has had to battle negativity and fear, but more is his insistence on his dreams… no matter how much difficulty he encounters, he has always believed firmly in his heart: the dream is ahead. With perseverance and endeavor, finally his dreams are really realized step by step. From private clinics to outpatient departments, from outpatient departments to hospitals, from hospitals to group hospitals…

I think you have probably guessed that this person is actually me – Zhou Pengwu. Today, here, in front of all my familiar employees and friends, I really feel immense pride! For so many years, I know that the fruits of today are all based on your constant support for me. You have made my dreams with your own efforts and wisdom, and together we have achieved the successful AIH Group! I am grateful to those friends who have accompanied me since the beginning of my business. Many times, your understanding has given me infinite power. You have spent the painful and difficult days alongside me. Saying thank you, two simple words, is not enough to express my gratitude to you. I am grateful to you, and I am grateful to the new friends who have joined AIH. I have gained more new knowledge from you because your excellence has made my vision more open and my future brighter. Thank you for always supporting me. Friends, you always lend a helping hand at the most critical time, leading me through adversity and challenges again and again. Finally, I would like to thank a woman who is smart and courageous – my wife, Ms. Ding Wenting, who has always supported me with persistence and perseverance, and accompanied me through the arduous and tortuous times of countless entrepreneurship.

In fact, I know that in the process of starting and building a business, I will have a lot of blind spots and deficiencies. For me, there are really many places that need continuous improvement. It is precisely because of this that I am willing to grow together with everyone.

I deeply know: the power of one person alone can never realize the dream of this career kingdom. Thank you very much for your willingness to contribute your wisdom and energy to work side by side with me. You are my biggest treasure! Although the previous failures and successes are in the past, I regard them as the most precious experience and wealth in my life.

I firmly believe that as AIH Group grows stronger and stronger today, as long as are together as a team, all the bumps on the way will be paved, I am willing to take all my strength, learn from everyone, grow together. Regardless of the challenges facing me, I am determined to follow the path I will take in the future and work with you to create an unlimited future!

Thank you again, my dearest friends! I believe that we are united, and our dreams will come true!